About Us


Saudi Specialist Co., “Saudibiomeds”, is excited to go forward as a veteran company, utilizing the strengths of our products and the expertise of our employees, remembering that it is this combination that makes an organization successful.

Our philosophy is simple, to work hand in hand with our principals and clients for the mutual benefit. We have therefore achieved sustainable growth and a number of highly rewarding and long‐lasting partnerships through scrupulous adherence to the highest ethical standards, unswerving professionalism and total commitment to our principles.


Our history Our business history dates to late 80s, when 22 years back a visionary doctor established Ummal Qura Incorporation as a subsidiary of Ummal Qura Group for Medical Services with the vision of “Leadership through excellence in services”. Ummal Qura has since been known for its professionalism and steady growth in the Saudi market.

In 2008, two people, a surgeon and a biomedical engineer, with a wealth of experience in medical applications, biomedical engineering, marketing and servicing of high‐tech medical systems decided to elevate this company to higher standards so that it could offer leading edge products and systems more efficiently to the Saudi Arabian medical community, hence the Saudi Specialist Company was instituted. Our company is focused on selected areas like Urology, Neurology, General Surgery, Arthroscopy and Medical Imaging while we also cover other domains per the market needs. Thoughtfully and selectively, we worked with our principals so that we remain a focused organization with the advantages of ultimate specialization. We thus successfully gave the peer groups as well as the general users great confidence in our products and support they can rely upon.