Bladder Scanners

PortaScan +


The Portascan+ offers real-time ultrasound for accurate bladder scanning


Simple point-and-freeze operation makes the Portascan+ the scanner of choice for the busy clinical environment. The Portascan+ calculates the bladder volume automatically from an ultrasound image. An in-built thermal printer provides a permanent hard copy printout of results for accurate record keeping and archiving.


  • Automatic 2-D Bladder Volume Calculation with manual correction
  • Thermal printer built into system
  • Internal memory saving scans
  • 3 hour battery life
  • 3.5 / 5.0 MHz probe with child / adult modes
  • Touchscreen for patient information entry
  • Advanced mode for kidney scanning and Bluetooth weight cell uroflow support
  • Floor stand available
  • Export images to PC via Bluetooth or USB memory stick

Portascan +

Floor Stands

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VitaScan LT USB bladder scanner

 Real-time volume measurement for bladder scanning

The VitaScan USB probe and its software installed on your computer secures easy access to bladder volume calculation. Vitascan LT is the perfect choice if you are looking for a flexible bladder monitor run by your computer.

510(k) cleared and for sale in the United States.


Download end user video to see how to perform a bladder volume assessment

- 3D USB Ultrasound Probe
- Probe and tablet in softcase for portable solution or connected to mobile cart 
- Simple and intuitive software
- Touchscreen or keyboard input
- PC/Laptop/medical grade running Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 
- USB 2.0 Type A, Female
- Storage of images, records and reports & also to EMR (Electronic Medical Recording)

Download VitaScanLTProduct datasheet
Download CE certificate EU 1006403  
Download USA Bladder Scanner reimbursement information

Click here to see the VitaScan LT Distributor VIDEO

Click on the image below to watch the end-user instruction video in English

Click on this link to watch the end-user instruction video in French


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