Minimal Access Surgery

Surgical Units

The Ackermann© Diathermy Argon Vessel Seal allows bipolar sealing of vessels up to 7 mm and optimal results due to an eigth-level intensivity regulation.

Featuring a power start function to simplify the beginning of the cutting process, a color touch screen, a remote program change, self-testing of generator and accessoirs, a programm memory function and much more.

The Ackermann© Laparoscopic Insufflators provide up to 45 liters of insufflation, inbuilt gas pre-heating systems, external desufflation valves to avoid cross-contamination, pressure controlled insufflation, large displays showing all the important measures during procedures, bottle pressure monitoring and offering adjustment and pre-selection possibilities.

Ackermann© Shaver-Systems feature adjustable speeding from 800-8000 RPM, silent and smooth motion and ergonomic, light-weight hand pieces which are fully autoclavable. All functions can be commanded either on the control unit or by foot switch. Two different tools may be connected to the shaver. This allows for exampleboth hand piece and a saw to be plugged in simultaneously.





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Full HD Camera and CCU
Ackermann© is presenting its new Full HD Camera and CCU with movie quality of professional HDTV 1080p, feeding a full field progressive image to the LCD monitor. Fast movements are displayed with sharp definition. Fatigue-free surgery is the result.

1920x1080 pixels with full fidelity on 16/9 LCD monitors provides a field of viewsimilar to human eye natural vision.

  • Electronic shutter for camera controlled brightness regulation
  •  Noise free image resolution
  •  HAD chip technology (Hyper Active Digital)
  •  No flickering image or loss of signal data due to digital processing
  •  Easy and safe handling  due to user friendly design and function
  •  One hand quick focusing
  •  For left and right hands use
  •  Many parameters (like brightness, aperture, red shift, blue shift etc.)can be adjusted via on-screen-menu.
  •  10 different  users can save their own  settings
  •  Programmable buttons on the camera head
  •  Automatic white balance
  •  Water proof camera head

Technical Data


3 x 752 x 582 PAL;

3 x 768 x 494 NTSC


1 x RGB / 1 x Y/C / 1 x BNC


1155 lines

Size of the control unit

300 x 300 x 66 mm


0,18 lux

Weight of control unit

2,5 kg

Signal / Noise ratio

60 dB

Main voltage

115-230 VAC

Electronic shutter

1/100 000 sec.

Power consumption

25 VA

Auto exposure



50 - 60Hz

White Balance

Automatic push


2 x 800 mA - 250 V

Video enhancement



Classification 93/42 EG

Cable length

3,6 meters


Protection Class 1








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TV coupler                               F = 15 mm



TV coupler                                F = 23 mm


TV coupler                               F = 26 mm


TV coupler                               F = 28 mm



Zoom TV coupler                    F = 25-40 mm



Beam splitter                             F = 25 mm



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Light Source 

  • Manual increase and decrease of light intensity
  •  Stand by function to protect the lamp for longer life
  •  Power on/off LED indicator
  •  LCD display for the technical functions
  •  Mechanical iris = constant colour temperatur
  •  Indication of the minimal and maximal levels of light
  •  Continuous service
  •  All Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements were hold into account in the development of this light source.
  •  Simple and fast lamp change

Technical Data:

Type of lamp

Xenon lamp


2 x T 4A


300 W / comparable with 900 W


300 x 311 x 125 mm

Lamp geometry

Ackermann® Xenon lamp with focusing mirror


5,0 kg

Colour temperature

6200° Kelvin

Temperature range

+10° C to + 40° C - in function

Ligth cable connection

Ackermann (Wolf, Olympus with other adapters)

Max. relative air humidity

85% - in function

Lamp life time

500 hours (Av. value: 30 min ON / 15 min. OFF)

Temperature range

-20° C to +45° C - in storage

Main voltage

100 - 230 VAC

Max. relative air humidity

85% - in storage

Power consumption

260 VA


CF (cardiac floation)


50 - 60 Hz

Electr. protection class

IPX0, not protected against waterfalls

CE standard

Conform to the European directive 93/42/CEE











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Urology Irrigation Pump

  • Autoclavable tubing set
  • Autoclavable measuring chamber
  • Autoclavable membrane protector
  • Power cord
  • Operating manual
  • Touch free pressure measurement
  • Leakage liquid compensation
  • Preselection of pressure and flow
  • Continuous pressure roller pump system

Technical Data:

Main voltage

100 - 240 VAC

Casing safety standard


Power consumption

60 VA

Flow rate

0 - 1000 ml/min


50-60 Hz

Pressure range

10-150 mm Hg

Device type


Temperature range

+10 to +40° C

Safety class

II a


30% - 70%


300 x 260 x 93 mm


in accordance with DIN IEC 601/1,


5 kg


EN 55011 (CISPR); EN 50082, parts 1 + 2


CE 0297


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Equipment trolley

  • 4 shelves
  • 1 deposit console 60 x 49 cm adjustable, with handle
  • 3 deposit consoles 60 x 49 cm, adjustable
  • 1 drawer unit with storage tray 60 x 49 cm
  • 4 wheels, 2 with brakes
  • Holder for gas bottles (5 and 10 L)
  • Holding arm for flat screens
  • Holder for camera head
  • Cable/tube holding arm
  • Holder for infusion bottles
  • Isolating Transformer

Dimensions    142,8 x 71,4 x 62,5 cm
Load              50 kg
Colour           Light grey
Standards      CE


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