Magnetic Stimulation

BioCon 2000W
An innovative Therapy concept completes the sophisticated services in your practice

The repetitive Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation with
BioCon 2000W offers you an innovative therapy concept for the following urological and

Pulsed magnetic technology has been developed for pelvic floor therapy and the treatment of urinary incontinence. This is a novel application of the classic principle of physics that a changing magnetic field will induce a flow of charged particles within the field. Faraday's law of magnetic induction states that current will flow in a conducting medium in response to changes in the magnetic field.

The physiologic stimulus of the pulsed magnetic field depends on some special design features that allow for a highly focused field and a very steep gradient of change at the advancing edge of the field.
These characteristics produce a rapidly pulsing magnetic field that is readily adjustable in frequency and strength. The magnetic field will pass without significant attenuation through air, skin, fat, and even bone.

Convincing benefits of the BioCon 2000W Therapy concept:

  • Non-invasive
  • Simply sit on a chair and relax, no need to undress
  • No risk of contamination
  • No devices are inserted anally or vaginally, no gel or cream is applied
  • Ease of operation
  • Computer controlled operation, protocol selectable via LCD display
  • Non consumables
  • Household power supply suffices
  • Neat stylish design


Technical Data:




220 V ±10 %

Connected wattage

2 kW

Frequency range

10 Hz ~ 50 Hz

Time intervals

5 ~ 30 minutes

Dimensions control unit

(W x D x H), 300 x 400 x 828 mm

Dimensions chair

(W x D x H), 650 x 650 x 925 mm

Weight control unit / chair

approx. 40 kg / approx. 46 kg


240 x 64 Pixel/LCD


CE 0120 Directive 93/42/EEC

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