AL-106 Digital Video Colposcope

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AL-106 Digital Video Colposcope
This colposcope's light spot subtraction technology and unique CCD/optics design provide high-definition images and improved viewing of blood vessels, capturing every meticulous detail.

010466AL-106 MedGyn Digital Video Colposcope

  • High-resolution 380,000 pixel color CCD
  • Extra-bright multi-point LED light source
  • 1x - 40x zoom magnification
  • Ultra-fast auto focus technology
  • Manual focus option
  • Image freeze button
  • Built-in video capability
  • Height-adjustable floor stand
  • Green light filter button
  • Available in swing-arm option

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MedGyn Image and Data Management System

Designed for use with any of our video adaptable colposcopes, MedGyn's Image & Data Management System allows for the capture and management of colposcopy images into a self-contained patient record.

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Our user-friendly system includes a large offering of standard examination and diagnosis templates, but is easily customizable to specific clinical requirements and preferences. Offering both click-box and manual diagnosis entry, our system will automatically create a variety of report options which can include single or multiple colposcopy images.

The Image Management System features:

  • Ability to compare current and previous exam images
  • Image Annotation
  • Image Measurement
  • Full video capture capability
  • Statistical analysis
  • Complete system security, internal password protected


The Image Management System includes:

  • Video Colposcope
  • Rolling Base
  • Pre-Loaded Image & Data Management System
  • Desktop Computer System (Keyboard & Mouse)
  • Flat-Screen Color Monitor
  • Available in a Lap-Top version

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MedGyn Cryotherapy System MGC-200

The MedGyn Cryotherapy System was designed by physicians for safety, ease-of-use and versatility for all cryogenic procedures.

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Our cryo unit is light-weight, perfectly balanced and comfortable, preventing fatigue of hand and fingers during strenuous procedures. Our superior cryo technology combined with 3-position trigger delivers optimal cryosurgical temperatures. Remember to specify Nitrous Oxide (N2O) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas and the tank size.

Features Include:

  • Single-hand control from three-position trigger (freeze, off, defrost)
  • Instant defrost
  • Trigger position for immediate , “active” defrost process
  • Extensive choice of autoclavable tips
  • Capture “O” ring design provides better gas seals where tips attach to probe system
  • Valve body designed and manufactured for long, trouble-free life
  • Built-in regulators control pressure at tips for added safety and gas economy
  • Ability to change tip during procedure without shutting off gas tank
  • Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) option
  • 6 lb. and 20 lb. cylinder options

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