Female Solutions (S & T)

Urinary Incontinence

TRT Remeex System, the Re-Adjustable sling for Female Incontinence

The TRT Remeex System is the only long term readjustable sling for Female SUI. This prothesis allows a reliable readjustment of the sling urethral support whenever needed during patient’s lifetime. Surgeon can provide a long-term continence, and avoid re-operating again a patient with a sling failure.

With more than 5 years follow-up, TRT provides surgeon with the experience of adjusting the sling urethral support with the patient in standing up position and doing the efforts that drives her to incontinence. This unique property provides the surgeon the ability to adjust the sling to the desired urethral support level, avoiding  urine leakage and urine retention. The TRT also provides long term continence in cases where other systems don’t.

Dynamic pressure transmission system

When coughing, the patient advances the rectus muscle, advancing the varitensor, and increasing the sling urethral support while it’s needed. This reconstructs the intra abdominal pressure transmission system of normal continent patients. The readjustment is made while the patient is standing up and doing the efforts that drives her to incontinence.

Lifetime reajustability

The sling adjustment is made step by step (checking continence every four turns of the manipulator). When the patient is continent we know that four turns before she was incontinent. This allows the surgeon to provide the minimum necessary urethral support for that particular patient under stress and no more.

Re-Adjustable sling for female stress urinary incontinence treatment

Re-Adjustable sling for female stress urinary incontinence treatment

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Single Incision Benefits, Long Term Proven TOT Results

Needleless Sling is a Single Incision TOT for Female SUI treatment

Needleless System is the only Single Incision sling that can match TOT results. This means, the only system that offers the single incision benefits, with similar results than traditional sling.
Single Incision Benefits:

- No skin incisions, no groin pain.

- Possibility of local anesthesia, outpatient procedure

- Short intervention.

TOT Results (Proved by Prospective Randomized Study vs. TVT-O)

- 3 years long-term clinical data.

Additional Benefits

- Pocket positioning system. No anchors needed.

- Fully adjustable bilateral-bidirectional.


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Knotless Incontinence Mesh

KIM Knotless Incontinence Mesh. This mesh, because it's knotless (produced without any knot) is the only mesh 100% macroporus.

All meshes have knots. Knots related problems may be:

1- Knots have points where bacteria may anidate and macrophages cannot enter, so it is easier to have an infection.

2- Knots increase the thickness of the mesh and may be a potential point for friction and erosion.

KIM (Knotless Incontinence Mesh) from Neomedic is the only mesh available in the market with no knots. This patented design minimize infection and erosion risk.

This Knotless design allows the sling to be Macrorigid, Microelastic and to have Shape Memory and No Elongation.

The KIM sling properties:


- Less Roughness = Less Erosion
- Less Material = Better Tissue Ingrowth
- No Microporous = Less Infection


- Better Tissue Adaptbility
- Less Erosion


- Better Traction Transmission
- No Elongation


- Avoids Deformation
- Higher Effectiveness

KIM is a Knotless Incontinence Mesh for female SUI treatment








KIM sling is 100% knotless so it is 100% macroporous

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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Universal and adjustable Prolapse system

Prolapse meshes are associated basically to two potential problems:

1- Short vaginas. Mesh shrinkage, causes vagina’s shortage.

2- Erosion. Due to mesh wrinkles

The Surelift Sustem is designed to minimize these two potential problems.

The Surelift has two anchors to fix the mesh at the sacrospinous ligament and avoid the displacement of the posterior part of the mesh during the shrinkage process, maintaining the vaginal length.

Also this mesh has four arms, that will help surgeon to adjust the position and avoid wrinkles. These arms pass through the obturator muscle and povide long term fixation.

The same mesh can be used for anterior, vault and posterior prolapse. To use the mesh for the posterior compartment, surgeon may cut the middle and anterior arms, fixating the mesh posteriorly to the sacrospinous ligament and anteriorly to the elevator anus muscles.

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State of the art transvaginal sacrospinous fixation system

The Anchorsure delivery system is straight and thin for a safe anchor placement at the sacrospinous ligament. Its safe delivery system allows to advance the anchor at maximum depth of twelve cm. for maximum delivery control.

Other forms of fixation may need tight sutures knots around the ligament, that may compromise its neurovascular structures.

If you want to know more about the way the Anchorsure System works, and all the technical details, here you have this explanation:

Anchorsure, minimally invasive vaginal Sacrospinous fixation

Anchorsure, minimally invasive vaginal Sacrospinous fixation

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Minimally Invasive Vaginal Prolapse System

This mesh is intended to solve mild and moderate anterior prolapse repair. The MIPS mesh is placed by a Single Incision procedure. It is fixed by anchors to the sacrospinous ligament to maintain the vaginal length after the operation.

In its anterior part, the mesh is fixed to the internal obturator muscles by its two pocket system arms, with no needles and no skin perforations.

As all Neomedic products, even it’s a very easy to place mesh, it is fully adjustable to avoid wrinkles by the manipulation of its two posterior fixation points and two anterior arms.

The Minimally Invasive Prolapse System is intended to solve prolapse and permits a better post op for all patients. Obviously, because it is intended to solve prolapse, the MIPS mesh needs to be fixed in the sacrospinous ligament, and the best option for this is the Anchorsure System (the applicator and the anchors shown in the image)

MIPS Minimally Invasive Prolapse System

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Special laparoscopic polypropylene mesh design for a perfect and easy adjustment.


-One side of the single sling is sutured to the elevator anus muscles. The other end of the sling is sutured at the anterior vaginal wall.

-The loop between the two ends will be pulled up elevating the vagina to the desired level, and easily fixed to the sacrum promontorium by the 5 mm laparoscopic anchoring system.

-With this system, surgeons can treat Vaginal Vault Prolapse in less time and with great succes rates. 

The Anchoring device for Sacrum Promontorium Fixation

- Tipless PEEK atraumatic anchor.
- Anchor with an "X" shape for better mesh retention.
- The Applicator tip is notched to avoid anchor and mesh movements during the fixation.Uplift System anchor applicator for Promontorium Fixation

Uplift PEEK anchor for Sacrum Promontorium FixationApplicator tip is notched to avoid anchor and mesh movements during fixation

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