Clinical Systems (Pelvic Floor)

CTS2000BTM Continence Evaluation and Training System.   

2 Channels (S)EMG, 1 Channel Vaginal or Rectal intracavity Electrical Stimulation,
1 Channel of Rectal intracavity Manometry. Includes CTS2000 Software, laptop computer & printer.


CTS1500BTM Continence Evaluation and Training System.

2 Channels available for a combination of(S)EMG, 1 Channel Vaginal or Rectal
intracavity Electrical Stimulation. Includes CTS1500 Software, laptop computer & printer.


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CTS2000B / CTS1500B System Includes:

  • One Pathway CTS2000/CTS1500B Module,  
  • Four pkg. of 4ea. #6750 Pathway Electrodes;
  • Four pkts of sample #7400 Disposable Electrodes
    w/leadwires attached;
  • One #7300 Ch.A 10' Interface Cable for #7400 
    Disposable Electrodes w/leadwires attached;
  • One #2583E Ch.B Extended PathwayTM Preamplifier/Cable
  • Four #6330 Pathway Vaginal EMG/Stimulation Sensors;
  • Two #6340 Pathway Rectal EMG/Stimulation Sensors; 
  • Three #6425 Pathway Rectal Silicon Pressure Sensors;
    (CTS2000 only)
  • USB Adapter,
  • One Telesis Software Program,
  • Operator's Guides.


CTS2000 1

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Pathway DUO

DUOTMThe first non-invasive system to diagnose voiding dysfunctions.
The DUOTM is a combination of uroflow and two channels of EMG and
is an excellent screening tool for more complex urodynamic studies.
Adult and pediatric testing protocols include: Flow,Volume, Pelvic and
Accessory Muscle EMG. Indicated for: Frequency, Urgency, Nocturia,
Incontinence, Retention, Pelvic Pain Syndromes, Recurrent UTI’s,
Constipation and Dribbling. Includes laptop computer & printer.

Controlling the DUOTM is a dramatically unique and NEW software acquisition and reporting platform.

Software Features include:

  • Restricted Login, Patient Record Sorts, Privacy and Unique Identifiers
  • Issues, Histories and Procedures
  • Adult and Pediatric Symptom Scoring
  • Complete Chart Note Documentation 
  • Automated Report Generation.
  • Instant on-screen Graph Analysis with Interactive Cursors

The DUOTM Includes: 

One Notebook Computer and Color Inkjet Printer.
One Prometheus DUOTM Module consisting of 
Uroflow and two channels of EMG,
Uroflow Transducer with Stand and DUO Software.

Starter Accessory Package:
(1) – Extended Pathway Preamplifier (2583E)
(5) – DUOTM Patient Electrode Kit
        Sample Packets (6774)
(1) – 6’ Adapter for Disposable Lead
        WireElectrodes (7300)
(2) – Graduated Urine Beaker (GUBA)
(1) – Uroflow Funnel (UFN)
(1) – USB Serial Interface Cable
(1) – Operator’s Guide


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TelesisTM Software – 

This software is available for purchase to be used with the Portable Pathway MR Series Devices.
This software is INCLUDED with the purchase of a CTS Series instrument.

This new software offers the many of the features of Synergy 3D described above PLUS it will provide privacy and compliance features of existing and new HIPPA regulations;

· Password protection

· Different levels of program access

· Patient privacy identifiers and protection

· Audit management

· Telesis contains all of the same displays, applications and modified protocols that have been so popular with Synergy 3D Software.

Provides added features which can be attached to your document such as:

· Questionnaires, history, exams, related procedures, diagnostic codes, and plan of care. 

· Automatically produces your chart note and narrative based on your treatment session

  • Graphs, Summary and Detailed Reports (Detailed reports display individual Work / Rest Trial data) are available

· Documents and reports generated are all in a format for transference to electronic medical records (EMR).













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