Neurology Disposables

EEG- Electrode Caps

A DISPOSABLE cap with incorporated electrodes. The cap is knitted with a special elastic fabric in an ergonomic sheet to fit a wide range of head-shape.
The electrodes are made of two parts, which are screwed one into the other with the net between. The user can choose to change the position of the electrode if necessary.


The first prewired cap totally made by soft material. Tested and approved in lots of european medical centers even for sleep recording

Cuffia precablata monousoSleepcap


Disposable Cup Electrode

The best relation between quality and price. The electrode is made by pure AgAgCl for the best recording experience. The extraflexible leadwire and the connector with strain relief gives the best signal tramission even for long term monitoring.



Elettrodo a coppetta monouso


Reusable Subdermal Needle

Ago subdermale autoclavabile riutilizzabile


DRAGONFLY the laryngeal electrode

In collaboration with IOM-Solutions Spes Medica presents a complete range of laryngeal electrodes.

The electrodes can be applied in the whole range of endotracheal tubes, the electrode material is soft to avoid the risk to damage the vocal cords.

The electrode have integrated a long disposable twisted leadwire with touch proof connector to fit in the most used EMG units.

DRAGONFLY elettrodo laringeo


Stimulation probe

Spes Medica offer a complete range of disposable stimulation probes. On request we can meet our customer requirements for special sizes and design







Sonde di stimolazione


Respiration chest sensor






Airflow sensor


Sensore del respiro toracico

Sensore del respiro oro-nasale

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